The Collective – group of artists & makers

The Collective  are a group of Cornwall-based artists, makers, educators and collaborators.

Our range of skills cover; visual arts, 2D and 3D, performance, textiles, film, story telling, community arts, installation.

The Collective consists of  Caroline Cleave, Laura Frances Martin, Jill Hudson, Chris Nixon, Reg Payn, Clare Summerson, Sue Field and Carol Whibley.

Together our talents combine so that we can facilitate  truly imaginative and challenging art based projects and workshops in schools.

We also have designed and made a 15ft square based aluminium pyramid that has a canvas cover.It is free standing and can become a variety of unique and visually exciting spaces including;
>a backdrop to performances
>a space that can be used for story telling and workshops
>an exciting art installation
>a four- sided shadow puppet arena

To name a few uses!

We are currently using the pyramid as a Royal story telling tent to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee. The space will be transformed into a Regal enclosure, complete with Magnificent Throne, Cupboard of Stories and  transportable Palanquin complete with waving Royal puppet.

We can run workshops to include Royal Portraits, Story Writing, Crown Making, Banner making.

We will also have a selection of robes and crowns and other royal Regalia for dressing up and role play.