Carys Wilson – drawing, painting, printmaking

I have twelve years experience of working within Education as an Arts based practitioner. I have worked within a variety of educational establishments in the capacity of both a full time Teacher of Art, and as a practising Artist. I have undertaken a wide range of Artist in Residence positions from two year and one year fixed term posts within Primary and Secondary schools, to ten week projects within Primary Schools and shorter term residencies in libraries, arts centres, schools, youth centres and Arts festivals.  

Although my practice is based primarily within the genre of drawing, the direction of each project I lead always takes a different direction and the choice of media is limitless. I have worked with students as young as four years of age, up to GCSE, A level, Foundation degree students and adults. I have worked with a wide spectrum of abilities and social backgrounds from Gifted and Talented students, to children and adults with severe Special Educational Needs, Autistic students, Visually Impaired students, Hearing Impaired students, children ‘looked after’, single and mixed gender schools.