Connecting with People by David Aynsley

David Aynsley, who started TR14ers, the amazingly brilliant dance group in Camborne, has published a book about his work – Connecting with people:

The issue of connecting with people is at the core of all public services or should be so. It is the
basis of partnerships for co-creating, designing and delivering responsive and effective services and
provision of care. Many organisations are adept at creating systems and processes for meaningful
engagement as a basis for shaping and delivering as well as measuring outcomes of services. But
a lot of this is dependent on the passion, values and commitment of the people that are tasked
to provide such services. It is the through the efforts of individuals and teams that meaningful
engagement and quality service is achieved.
Through six set of stories, David Aynsley has brought to the fore the :
• Pressing need to develop competences to connect with people
• Role of critical self and service appraisal
• Value of relationships and storytelling
• Importance of valuing people and of trust in engaging local communities.

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