Harriet Hopkinson – novelist & creative writing workshops

I am a novelist and creative writing workshop leader. I am passionate about language and literature. Sharing this enthusiasm with pupils lies at the heart of my teaching style: my workshops enable students to explore the technical aspects of writing in a fun and engaging way. Recent sessions have included work on: character, plot, narrative voice, ‘showing not telling’, setting, point of view and language.

I use a range of stimuli – photographs, objects, poems, music, articles and extracts from novels – to inspire students and build their confidence. Pupils participate in a wide variety of activities, such as games, writing exercises, discussion, group work and most importantly, the space to experiment with language and write extended pieces of work. This enables all students to develop their skills no matter what their age or level of expertise. ‘

She’s one of the best teachers in the history of teachers!’ Year 3 pupil ‘Thank you for a great course. It really did what I hoped it would do – give me the confidence in my ability to actually get writing.’

For more information, please see www.harriethopkinson.co.uk