StoryWorks Education

StoryWorks Theatre Co. Pic by Kevin Clifford, courtesy of Arts Council England

StoryWorks Education

StoryWorks Education began as a multimedia performing arts in Education Company working with children and young people in schools across Cornwall to create dynamic cross-curricular projects based on a theatrical journey beginning with an original story, and ending in a site-specific or landscape theatre performance by your pupils.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach our aim is to develop a project that supports class-based work across the National Curriculum and/or is based around an issue important to your school and pupils.  Beginning with original tales, or taking existing myths or stories from around the world, explored from different perspectives and through different mediums, this approach lends itself to the consideration of many aspects of the curriculum such as History, Geography, English, Science, Religious Education, Drama, Dance, Music, and Citizenship Education.

In consultation with your school we can create a project based on topics the class or year group is studying or you can choose from our current list of cross-curricular arts-based workshops. We are happy to work on a daily basis (one-off workshops, with a variety of funding options available) or for longer (for cross-curricular projects perhaps over a whole academic year) on projects leading to a performance. We are able to provide references for our work upon request.

This is still a MAJOR part of our work… but we have diversified.  Following the very successful ‘Rehearsal for Reality’ (R4R) project, we now also offer series of workshops and sessions using drama to consider individual and whole group issues and dilemmas such as self-esteem; confidence; peer pressure; bullying; challenging family and relationship situations; etc.

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