Sarah Jarvis – dancer

I am a dancer and dance teacher who, on completing a BA (Hons) in dance theatre from the Laban Centre London in 2002, returned home to Cornwall to work as a freelance performer and teacher. I was a co-founder of C-Scape Dance Company and have worked with them performing and leading workshops for events including Polperro Festival, Landings, Road to the Beach, and the Blonde tour. I have also performed with Manoeuvre Dance, Suzannah West Dance Company and Wildworks Theatre Company.

I offer dance workshops to all ages (from primary to over-50’s) in schools and in communities. The work is fun and open to possibility. I aim to set up a relaxed and focussed atmosphere of trust and mutual appreciation where participants can learn about themselves and each other. They can try new ways of moving and try new ways of seeing movement in others. They may look at space, and the body in space, in a new light. We show and talk about our findings. We copy and we also make up new stuff. The work explores individual creative movement potential, shape-finding, stillness, level, direction and dynamic, as well as the different skills needed to create solos, duets and group dances.

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