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Music for All offers support for music projects in the community

The Music for All charity is delighted to be in a position to offer MIA members the chance to be involved in a project that will create and support more musicians in their community. The MIA is the UK trade body for the musical instrument industry and members range from retailers to suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, educators, publishers, media organisations, grading bodies and insurers. The Music for All charity is run by volunteers from the MIA membership.

Music for All wants every member to consider what could be done in their community to either create new musicians, keep existing ones playing or bring lapsed musicians back into the fold!

This is naturally in tune with the Music for All mission of “Making More Musicians”.

For example, this could be anything from:
a) A community brass band that needs some additional support in order to continue its work
b) A school that wants to offer music lessons, but lacks the means
c) A start–up project to create rehearsal space for new bands to practice
d) A programme to get lapsed musicians back playing again (eg Weekend Warriors)
The examples above are certainly not an exhaustive list and MIA members will have all sorts of additional ideas. We are keen to see what everyone comes up with…..

The projects will be a partnership between the member, Music for All and, wherever possible, the local Music Hub/local Music Service (or other community partner). Music for All plans to support the project financially as far as possible, but is hoping that the Hubs will be able to contribute as well.

How does it work?
Very simple, Music for All simply needs a straightforward form to be completed detailing the project proposal. The charity will then investigate the proposal, look at the viability and identify any potential partners. All being well, the project goes ahead and the member is then directly working with the charity to “do some good” in their area and….to create some more musicians whom will all need a shop in their vicinity to look after their needs!
The charity will naturally also work with the member and partners to generate all possible publicity for the project.

No rush, the charity will be looking at project proposals on a quarterly basis in order to give everyone time to both identify and consider the suggestions. The first round of submissions needs to be submitted to Music for All by the end of June 2013. (and then end September, December and March).

For all enquiries and the application form, please contact Music for All at:
mfa@mia.org.uk 01403 800500 www.musicforall.org.uk