Lloyds TSB Foundation

The Lloyds TSB Foundation supports small and medium-sized underfunded charities that can make a significant difference to the lives of disadvantaged people by helping them to play a fuller role in the communities of their choice. The Foundation doesn’t have specific areas of interest for their funding, other than their overall mission statement – to help disadvantaged people to play a fuller role in their communities. This means that, in practice, the Foundation will fund a wide variety of organisations and activities.

The Foundation is moving away from smaller one-off grants to providing funding for one to three years. Typical grants are around £15,000 per year for revenue costs only, including core/running costs, project costs and salaries. Capital costs will not be funded.

Only registered charities will be funded. Local or regional charites with an income of £1 million or under, and national charities with an income of £5 million or under are eligible.

To apply you first need to either work through the eligibility checklist on the Foundation’s website or contact the Foundation directly on 0870 411 1223 to check eligibility. Then your regional Grant Manager will contact you to discuss your funding needs. The application form is available after you have spoken to your Grant Manager.




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