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Foyle Foundation Schools Library Programme (UK)

Suitable for

State funded secondary and primary schools as well as dedicated schools catering for those with Special Educational Needs (SEN) that do not have or want to improve their libraries can apply for funding through the Foyle’s Foundation Schools Library Programme.
This programme recognises that there is no statutory requirement for schools to have a library and that many school libraries are in a desperate situation through underfunding and underdevelopment. Encouraging children to read widely from an early age will provide a major boost to improving literacy levels, which is a current key educational objective. Priority will be given to funding library books. The Foundation will also consider contributions towards library software, necessary IT equipment and specialist seating/desks. Preference will be given to schools which can clearly demonstrate that their library can be maintained and renewed in the future.

Funding amount

The average grant made under this programme is £10,000.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

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