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Call for artist proposals Creative Networking Events: FEAST and Cultivator

We have received a lot of feedback from artists that what you really value is the opportunity to get together with other artists to share what is going on and get excited about new ideas.  In particular, we have heard a lot of interest expressed in the idea of artists doing something fresh and creative together, experiencing a new discipline or technique, getting a feel for work in another discipline: basically a series of creative workshops for artists.

FEAST and Cultivator are keen to programme three creative networking events over the course of 2018.  They would be for artists working in any discipline, with a particular focus on practitioners who, as part of their practice, work in community settings or in a participatory way.

This is a call for proposals from artists who would be interested in running one of these sessions. We would like the workshops to provide plenty of opportunity for social exchange and fun, while also enabling practitioners to experience something new, creatively.

We would organise all the logistics and marketing of the event.  We think a half- day session would work best, so are looking for ideas for activities that would last around 2 hours, and we would organise the refreshments etc. around this.  We would also welcome ideas from artists who want to work together to deliver a session.

We have a budget to pay the delivery artist(s) and are running an open tendering process.

Please send us a proposal for your workshop and a simple budget including your fee and the cost of any materials you would need. Please include a brief outline of your workshop experience or links to relevant work.

FEAST and Cultivator will select the proposals that are good value in themselves but which also offer a varied programme of workshops over the course of the year.

Please email feast@creativekernow.org.uk with proposals and budget by January 15th or to discuss further telephone 01209312502.