Nik Elvy – Visual Artist

Nik Elvy - Visual Artist

Nik Elvy is an experienced artist-educator. She explores the relationships between creativity, our environment, communities and education. Frequently working out of doors she is found using the natural materials that she finds around her as the subject or as the medium often with a sense of the theatrical. Make charcoal on a fire, play with natural pigments, what about nettle paper making and all outdoors.

The natural materials are not always literally from nature “natural materials” also pertains to the materials closest or most relevant to the communities that she works with, in order to keep her art accessible, relevant and on the ground.

Much of Nik’s art is about education and working with people, children and families, she is keen on exploring ways of making creativity, nature and experiential learning possible for herself and others and uses Forest School principles to “play” with that in some contexts. This brings in other common threads of Nik’s work such as community, being together, shared experience, sharing food, working as a group and “families”.

Collections are important in Nik’s work as a way of telling stories about our past and present, representations of ourselves our places and our experiences. Collections are used as the art itself or as the process for her own work or working with others.

Nik regularly works on Cornish outdoor, sustainable, educational projects such as Camp Kernow, Boot Up! and Mount Pleasant Ecological Park and helps to tell stories through installation, performance and art; also regularly working with Rogue Theatre Company. She also works on her own projects including, Miss Elvy’s Travelling Cabinet of curiosities and Miss Elvy’s Curious School of the Forest. Nik is available for single workshops offering nature based arts experiences to all groups, as well as larger projects, site specific or within communities.

Visit the Blog to see examples of Nik’s work.