Online resource for artists and craft-makers – ArtQuest

ArtQuest is an online resource for artists and craft-makers. Staffed by arts practitioners, it offers support to London creatives and useful advice for elsewhere in the UK.

Beyond the creative aspects of a creative career in visual arts or craft, there are many practical issues to be addressed.
• How do I get funding for my work?
• Where can I find space to exhibit?
• What residencies and studios are available to me?
• Where can I get legal advice about copyright, privacy or commissions?

Funding an artistic career
In their section on money, ArtQuest give detailed guidance to financial issues, including:
• How to calculate your artist’s fees
• How to write grant applications
• A seven-step outline to setting up a creative business

Setting up an art exhibition
Exhibiting your work is a common part of an artistic career, but what about the practicalities? The ArtQuest showing and selling section will give advice on:
• Approaching a gallery for commission
• Entering into a commercial relationship with a gallery
• Ensuring you get good press and media coverage for your work

Finding studio space
If you need to find studio space for visual arts or craft, then ArtQuest have information almost 200 independent studio providers in London, as well as UK residencies for artists and craft makers to develop their career.

Legal issues for artists
Knowing the legal answers regarding artistic licence and copyright is crucial to an artistic career.
Since the beginning of Art Monthly in 1976, the Artlaw column has provided an awareness and understanding of the law relating to the visual arts. This is now hosted online by ArtQuest, and contains previously answered questions, such as:
• How do I get permission to use copyrighted material (film, photography, literature, music etc)?
• What if I want to use an image of a celebrity in my work?
• What should I do if my dealer or gallery goes bust?

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