New Choreographic Resource from Wayne McGregor – Random Dance

Mind and Movement is a brand new choreographic resource for teachers, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The resource is based around the Choreographic Thinking Tools that have emerged from Wayne McGregor’s methods in the studio and which are grounded in a decade of collaborative research with cognitive scientists. This research focuses on the way that McGregor collaborates with his dancers in the creation of movement material for his performance works. Mind and Movement is the first time these Choreographic Thinking Tools have been re-purposed into a practical resource for use in a creative learning context.

“An innovative choreographic resource that enables the learner to explore and expand their thinking behind movement” – Andrea Davis, Head of Dance at The BRIT School.

Mind and Movement is based around a set of twelve principles and includes a teachers’ guide, five lesson plans, tasks for developing and structuring movement material, a display poster, information cards on Wayne McGregor | Random Dance productions and questions to encourage reflection on the creative process.

Mind and Movement is intended to be used mainly by secondary school teachers, but will be valuable for teachers, students and practitioners of almost any age and level, from younger children to university students and practicing choreographers. The easy to follow lesson plans ensure its relevance to a range of teachers from those with little or no previous dance experience through to specialist teachers working with GCSE, BTEC and A Level students.

“The most useful thing about the resource is that it helps me, as a non dance specialist , to think creatively” – Genie Ward, Broomfield School

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