Artspass, the new community website from HFC Arts Development

We are pleased to begin 2015 by announcing the launch of Artspass, the new community website which will allow you to keep up to date with all that’s happening in the region’s arts sector – as well as post and share details of all your upcoming opportunities and events. We hope you find this shared resource for arts professionals and practitioners an invaluable asset.

What you will see now is the first phase of the website development and requires your interaction to allow it to grow into the ‘go to’ site for all local arts news. The second phase will expand the options further and will include a blog facility and events diary. Do let us know what you think as all feedback will be much appreciated and will allow us to fine tune the options so it best meets everyone’s needs.

To get started, we have already posted up all the current newsletter items, but now it’s up to you to build your profile by posting your own content.  All you need to do to begin is sign up HERE

Once everyone has had chance to register on Artspass, next week will see the launch of a new format newsletter. This will be designed to complement the new website, allowing for a more streamlined presentation.

So please do not delay, sign up and get started now.

HFC Arts Development Team