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Arts Education Strategic Plan

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work created in the Art Tent at Bodmin

Cornwall’s Arts Education Strategic Plan is a new way of ensuring that children & young people in Cornwall have access to a high quality arts education.

Commissioned by Cornwall Learning from KEAP to address the need for strategic overview and direction for the arts in education, the Arts Education Strategic Plan uses the people in the know, from teachers and Advanced Skills teachers to artists and arts organisations, to plan and deliver activity across the county.

There are 5 art form groups which meet to discuss ideas, projects, new initiatives, events, and work plans and make sure that all the connections across the sector and the county are made. The groups are Drama, Dance, Visual Art, Digital Arts, and Early Years.

What’s also useful about the Plan and the people engaged in it is that large initiatives can be directed where they are needed most, and for the communication about them to get out effectively to schools. For example, Cornwall was approached to have a Sing Up area leader, and through the Music forum it was decided that KEAP would host that post. So we support the area leader Angela Renshaw in ensuring that all theinformation about training and projects for teachers reaches schools.

If you would like to read the full Arts Education Strategic Plan, it is available to download here.

After a very successful pilot year, from September 2009 the core activity of the Plan is now part of the SLA to schools from Cornwall Learning as The Arts Offer. This includes KEAP’s Information Service, Artsmark support, Arts Award training and activity, hosting Sing Up, and developmental activity within the Art Form groups as mentioned above. KEAP can also maximise opportunities from other agencies and programmes to the benefit of Cornish schools e.g. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Cultural Olympiad, Causley Trust.


The current focus of most of the Art Form groups’ work is Darke Visions which is a countywide celebration of the life and works of Cornish playwright Nick Darke.

Nick is arguably Cornwall’s foremost playwright to date and we felt it was really important for schools and teachers to know that his work is available as a resource for encouraging creativity and understanding about some of the issues in Cornwall. This has encouraged loads of activity across Cornwall from The Art Tent in Polperro and Bodmin where schools made art work inspired by The Wrecking Season a DVD by Nick and Jane Darke to teaching resources for dance, drama and music on the website along with songs by Jim Carey which were originally used in performances of Nick’s plays scored for various voices.

There will be a showcase of Darke Visions schools work in January at Hall for Cornwall: 24 January is The Works dance platform and 25 January will be theatre performances and visual art installations.

There is also much more info about professional performances and other work on the Nick Darke website