A Space to Write

Photographer Steve Tanner has teamed up with writer and KEAP director, Amanda Harris to capture and share the intimate world of the writer.

Although crafting from the same 26 letters, each writer manages to create his or her own distinct and individual voice. This books takes us into the private world of writers living and working in Cornwall. We get a glimpse of their writing spaces, insights into their writing processes and excerpts from their work.. Meet Jon Cleeve of Nasty Pasty, screen writer Graham Mitchell, Annamarie Murphy playwright, DM Thomas, The White Hotel and Hellfire’s Corner and many more. 100% of the proceeds from this book will be put towards literacy projects in Cornish schools.


A Space to Write - cover

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Here is a glimpse into how the book begins and travels.

“Each of us has to find a way to begin writing. I have my way, not the best way – there is no best way – but my way. I think every writer has to read widely, to live a life as interesting and involved as possible, to meet people, go places, to keep eyes and ears and heart open. We have to drink the world in, know it, develop our concerns, and so discover what it is we care about.”

Michael Morpurgo

“And  this book which began as a simple exploration of where writers choose to write has become a book about Cornwall and how Cornwall gives them the tools, the spaces, the inspiration (even if they are writing about events and places far away) to do so. How different would their work be if they lived in Norfolk or Shropshire?

… For all, the physical act of writing is only part of the process and for the trying out of ideas, dialogue or rhythm many writers take to the cliff or footpaths, go cycling or jump on the train.”

Amanda Harris 

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