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Tumbling Hat is an up and coming theatre company who specialise in contemporary devised performances. Tumbling Hat has been lucky enough to be awarded a pre-incubation business-assist grant from University College Falmouth and with it aim to tour ‘The 100m Sprint’ to festivals, local schools, and showcasing events and providing a workshop for school audiences. We intend to tour ‘The 100m Sprint’ to schools and venues and to create further performances, continuing with the creative ethos of devising through collaboration.

 Riding high off the London 2012 Olympics and the venture to make sports more important in schools, ‘The 100m Sprint’ is an aptly relevant piece of comic theatrical entertainment. It is a collaboratively devised autobiographical performance, taking inspiration from childhood sporting memories. The piece explores the triumphs and hardships of sporting endeavours and the feelings of elation, embarrassment, and disappointment that accompany them. Experimentation with genuine exertion and exhaustion plays a huge role in the production, exposing the performers’ ability to sustain their roles while combating physical deterioration. ‘The 100m Sprint’ is an engaging show that is suitable for audiences of all ages.”

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