The Dream Team – Theatre

The Dream Team - Theatre

The Dream Team - Theatre

Theatre Based Communication and Confidence Boosting Workshops

During the workshops children are encouraged to vividly use their imagination by dramatising a nursery rhyme of their choice. They will work in small groups creating a piece of theatre that they can call their own. Each child will learn how to develop a character and will benefit from feedback given from their fellow classmates/teachers/workshop leader.

At the end of the workshop a sketch performance of each section will be shown to the other children in the workshop allowing them to demonstrate what they have learnt that day.

At all times children will be encouraged to communicate their ideas carefully and literately to each other and the workshop leader.

Our workshops fit easily into the PSHE syllabus. If you have any questions about our workshops, or if you would like to discuss adapting them to fit your specific requirements please do not hesitate in contacting us on 0844 357 2591 or emailing