Martin Turner – Music Technology, Production and Performance

Music Production: All areas of sound and music production including sound design for computer games/films, multi-track recording, composition, sequencing and sampling, Soundscapes. Live events production for drama music performances, live stage set-up and sound effects.

Music technology: Tactile control interfaces and Sound beam.
Martin has wide experience of working with students of all ages and abilities especially those who find mainstream education particularly challenging, using music technology to provide an accessible, contemporary approach to music creation, as well as an alternative to western score notation, for students with impaired vision/inability to read music.

As a sonic artist and performer, Martin is currently working in collaboration with local heritage groups and other artists to provide exiting, site specific  learning experiences for KS 2 and 3 students.
C & M Diplomas:  Live Events Technician, Music Production, Sonic Artist.

CRB: 001297059524 05.10.2010.  New check in process
PLI: £2 million with QBE.


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