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Denise Rowe

Denise Rowe is a movement artist, choreographer, dancer, mbira player, writer, film-maker and creative producer drawing primarily from traditional and contemporary pan-African dance forms and non-stylised movement.  Her work emerges from a creative movement practice and an intimacy with body, landscape and rhythm.

Denise has over twelve years experience of leading creative dance and movement workshops in schools, colleges, universities, dance companies and community settings around the world.  She teaches regularly at the University of Plymouth, Falmouth University as part of The Mbira Academy.  Her workshops include learning techniques, dances, songs and rhythms as well as exploring creative improvisations and the themes, history and cultural contexts of movement.  The sessions are dynamic, fun and informative, they can improve self-esteem, creativity, leadership and teamwork skills and body awareness.  Sessions can be tailored to meet your needs, with projects lasting from one day to one week, and with optional performance outcomes.

Director of Tolo Ko Tolo Dance Company, Denise also works as a solo artist on various cross-genre collaborative projects integrating dance, music, performance art, digital media, visual art, poetry and installation.   Recently awarded ADAD’s Trailblazers Champions, Denise has trained in African dance in the UK, Ghana, Gambia, Senegal, Zimbabwe and  Cameroon as well as in contemporary dance, Aikido and non-stylized and environmental movement.


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