The Gorsedh Kernow Awards & Competitions 2017

The Gorsedh Kernow Awards and Competitions 2017 scheme enables Gorsedh Kernow to recognise and celebrate a wide range of Cornish cultural activity alongside the more traditional arts and literary entries and allows for entries to be submitted through new media technologies.

Awards for young people were open to all schools, young people’s and children’s organisations and individuals under the age of 18 and were considered in one of three age groups – under 7 years of age, 8 to 11 and 12 to 17.

Displays and video presentations from several of the Awards winners will be available for viewing from 2pm onwards on Thursday 31st August in Launceston Town Hall Otho Peter Room. Entry is free.

The Awards Presentation evening, part of the Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture, will take place at 7pm on Thursday 31st August at Launceston Town Hall and will be hosted by bard Edward Rowe, Mab Tregarrek.  Entry is free and all are welcome to attend.

For further information about and a full programme for the Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture please visit our website Gorsedh Kernow.


Young People’s Awards

  1. Yeth Kernewek

First:  Amelia Dale, age 7, Cusgarne School, Truro – ‘Why I love Cornwall’.

Second:  Lauren Luscombe, age 8, Cusgarne  School – ‘Spladn che Steren’.

Third:  Spencer Judd, age 7, Cusgarne School – ‘My Family’.


Special category – Poetry/ Verse/Creative Writing

Ages 5 – 7

Freddie Judd, age 5, Cusgarne School – ‘My Dad was a Cornish Fisherman’.


Ages: 11-12

Evie Luckhurst, age 12, St Ives School – Poem ‘Marhas-Vian’.


Ages 13-14

First:  Aiden Drew, age 14 Poltair School, St Austell – ‘Wheal Martyn’.

Second:  Aaliyah E Ro-Pi, age 14, Poltair School – ‘The Lapse of Time’.


  1. Ilow Kernewek

First:  St Maddern’s School, Madron, Penzance – ‘Teyr Gwydhenn Arbennik’ .

Second:  Truro Preparatory School – ‘Kana Dhymm’.


  1. Studhyans Kernewek

To be announced


  1. Art & Design

Special Award for Poltair School for ‘Paper Porcelain Pieces’ relating to study of ceramics at Wheal Martyn, jointly won by: Kenneth Bicoy, Lydia Ellis, Bethany Burt, Emily Evely, Jessica Frost, Emily Head, Aiden Kitts, Aaliyah Robinson-Rickford, Kelsey Vanderplank.


Age 4 and under

Sophie Duloy, age 4, Cusgarne School – ‘Man Engine’.


Ages 5-7

First:  Isabelle Waters, age 6, Cusgarne School – ‘Pocketbook of Folklore Legends’.

Second:  Harrison Childs, age 7, Cusgarne School – ‘Wheal Prosper’.


Ages 8 – 11

First:  Ruan Michael Crooks, age 10, Cusgarne  School – ‘Tin Mine’.

Second:  Imogen Barnard, age 9, Cusgarne School – ‘St Michael’s Mount’.

Third:  Rebecca Chellamuthu, age 10, Cusgarne School – ‘Mysterious Sea’.