More about Sing to Success

Why should we join the programme?
A core entitlement of the upcoming National Plan for Music Education is that every child has the opportunity to learn an instrument and to sing. Sing to Success will support your school to achieve this and enable your staff to deliver high quality singing in school. It will open up exciting opportunities to be part of large scale cluster performances, access to national singing leaders and national and international singing programmes.

The foundation for this exciting work is the training programmes delivered to your teachers and singing leaders. Research shows that singers tend to have a much more positive view of themselves and a stronger sense of social inclusion, as well as the fact that singing supports brain development, social development and physical & mental health.

Who’s behind Sing to Success?
Sing to Success is led by Angela Renshaw (former Area Leader for Sing Up Cornwall). Angela is a highly experienced vocal leader, choral director and teacher. She has a particular specialism in developing boys singing and is passionate about promoting a high quality singing programme in Cornwall at a national level.

Sing to Success is managed by Kernow Education Arts Partnership who hosted the Sing Up programme. KEAP is Cornwall’s strategic organisation for the arts in education in Cornwall. Other major partners include Truro Prep School which is sponsoring Sing to Success as part of their community outreach work. We are also working with Hall for Cornwall, Truro Cathedral, CYMAZ and Music Cornwall to provide a broad offer and access to a myriad of partnership opportunities and projects.