The Sutton Trust


The main objective of the Sutton Trust is to improve educational opportunities for young people from non-privileged backgrounds and increase social mobility.

The Sutton Trust has a rich history in funding a wide range of projects and research in the early years, primary and secondary schooling and further and higher education.

Their projects have a strategic importance: they might be particularly policy relevant, fill a gap in current provision or be bold and new in content or approach.

The Trust takes a proactive approach to the work it wishes to support and tends to develop programmes itself, contacting the organisations it wants to partner with.  The vast majority of unsolicited proposals we receive are unsuccessful.  We are however willing to consider exceptional proposals which fit closely with our specific areas of interest.

Please note that the Trust does not, as a matter of policy, provide funding for:

  • Individuals
  • Educational tuition fees
  • Sports or arts projects
  • Capital projects (building work, equipment etc)
  • Expeditions
  • General appeals
  • Projects based outside the UK

If you feel your organisation has a programme which might interest them, please first complete a funding enquiry on the Contact Us page, including a couple of paragraphs describing your idea.  If the idea is in line with their current priorities you may be asked to submit a brief proposal.


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