Garfield Weston Foundation


Garfield Weston Foundation is a family-founded, grant-making trust which has been supporting charities across the UK for over 50 years.  From small community groups to large national institutions, their aim is to support organisations that have effective solutions to helping those most in need.

The Foundation supports a broad range of organisations and activities that share a commitment to making a positive impact to the lives of the communities in which they work, and that are driven by a desire to achieve excellence.

The Foundation aims to be responsive to where need is greatest.  They therefore support a wide range of charitable activity rather than having specific priorities for funding or regional bias. Their Trustees support excellence and, rather than predetermining where funds should be given, prefer to respond on a flexible basis to organisations that can show that they are addressing a need and that their work is high quality.

How to apply:

The Foundation appreciates how challenging it is for charities to raise funds and aims to keep the process of applying uncomplicated with a one-stage application.  We have two main streams of activity:

1. Major Grants – £100,000 and above
2. Regular Grants – ranging from £1,000 – £99,999

We accept applications at any time, therefore there are no formal deadlines for submitting applications and organisations should allow approximately four months for a final outcome


No deadline

Suitable for


Schools and educational establishments


+44 (0) 20 7399 6565

Garfield Weston Foundation, Weston Centre, 10 Grosvenor Street