Clore Duffield Foundation


The Foundation is a grant-making charity which concentrates its support on cultural learning, creating learning spaces within arts and heritage organisations, leadership training for the cultural and social sectors, social care, and enhancing Jewish life. The Foundation is Chaired by Dame Vivien Duffield DBE.

Main Grants Programme:

The Main Grants Programme offers grants ranging from below £5,000 to in excess of £1million and the Foundation continues to maintain a balance between supporting large-scale projects, with far-reaching effects, and small-scale community endeavours. All grants are awarded at a meeting of the Trustees, held twice a year.

Whilst the Foundation does occasionally make donations to the health and social care sectors, it should be noted that the majority of its support is directed towards the cultural sector, and in particular to cultural learning and to museum, gallery, heritage and performing arts learning spaces. Support for enhancing Jewish life is largely directed towards the new Jewish Community Centre for London.

Please note that organisations must be registered charities to be eligible for the Main Grants Programme.

Registered charities with interests in the sectors listed above are welcome to apply to the Main Grants Programme. The Programme can match lottery funding, support capital redevelopments and learning space initiatives, and provide project, programme and revenue funding.

Unfortunately, the Foundation does not fund projects retrospectively and will not support applications from the following:

  • Individuals
  • General appeals and circulars

It should also be noted that the following are funded only very rarely:

  • Projects outside the UK
  • Staff posts
  • Local branches of national charities
  • Academic or project research
  • Conference costs

How to apply:
If your project falls within the Foundation’s areas of interest, send a letter of application.


As there is no fixed schedule for their trustee meetings, applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.


The Clore Duffield Foundation, Studio 3, Chelsea Manor Studios ,Flood Street, London, SW3 5SR

T + 44 (0)207 351 6061

F + 44 (0)207 351 5308