Hedley Foundation


A charitable foundation which supports young people, the disabled and the terminally ill.

Main objective – young people: their education, recreation, support, training, health and welfare.

Subsidiary objectives – disabled people and the terminally ill: provision of specialist equipment and support for carers

Type of grant – grants for specific projects only, mostly one-offs, but no core revenue, salary or transport funding.  The foundation makes a limited number of recurring grants for up to three years.

Applications are not required to be in any particular format but please visit the website to find out what needs to be included and to ensure your application follows their guidelines.

Suitable for:

Registered charities only, never to individuals


Mrs Pauline Barker, Hedley Foundation, 9 Dowgate Hill, London, EC4R 2SU.
T 020 7489 8076

E  parker@hedleyfoundation.org.uk