Opportunity to tender for the Christmas Show at The Acorn

The Acorn Penzance would like to put out to tender the option of producing a Christmas show, leading up to, and possibly dates after, the Christmas period 2016. The production does not have to be a traditional Christmas show, in fact a winter celebration or a Pagan celebration would be just as relevant. We are looking for a 3 week run with a possible collaboration with one other venue; maximum seating capacity would be 150 – 170 depending on the size of the set (including balcony). Price structure approximately £10 (adult) / £5 (child). Probable financial terms would be a 70/30 split in favour of the company.

The venue is an old church and has 2 separate event areas, the lower area seats 60 / 85 standing. It might be possible to convert the premises in to a grotto / cave with immersive capabilities. We will however be wanting to keep the option of playing over the set / decoration if another show is booked in. Further details can be obtained from admin@theacornpenzance.co.uk / 01736 363545.