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A Carousel of Causley

Obby Oss by Jonathan Habens

On a cold, wet Monday in January, Hall for Cornwall was alive with drama performances by secondary students inspired by one of Cornwall’s finest poets, Charles Causley.

Causley loved poetry and also the theatre. A Carousel of Causley married these two passions in a festive day celebrating his poetry through drama and music. Students from 15 secondary schools across Cornwall each created a theatrical moment from poems such as Timothy Winters, Francesco de la Vega, What has Happened to Lulu, The Ballad of the Breadman and Mevagissey as well as an extract from his play, commissioned by Kneehigh, The Tinderbox.

2013 marks the tenth anniversary of Causley’s death which makes it an important moment to ensure that his work is enjoyed by a new generation of young readers and writers and to spark their imagination. Causley was among the most important poets of his generation and lived for most of his life in Launceston where he worked as a teacher.

Each school and Cornwall Youth Theatre has taken a poem and found a way to illuminate it to share with audiences. KEAP’s producer, Dave Hunter said, “As to be expected, Cornish schools have excelled in the ingenuity and wide range of theatrical approaches to Causley’s poems”. We are also very grateful to local musician Rick Williams who created a beautiful song from Causley’s ‘Tell me, tell me Sarah Jane’ which was performed to great applause by the girls choir from Treviglas.

This is the fourth year of the Secondary Drama Showcase and this year was co-produced by Kernow Education Arts Partnership and the Hall for Cornwall “It is such an exciting event. I am always delighted by the inventiveness and energy of the productions and would recommend it to any one.” Amanda
Harris, Director KEAP.

Images by Sean Hurlock

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Cliff Eastabrook – The Travelling Talesman

The Travelling Talesman (Cliff Eastabrook) delivers lively tellings and stimulating workshops for ages 6 and upward.

Past and repeat clients include: Childrens International Arts Organisation Annual Festival, National Trust, English Heritage and numerous schools.

Originally specialising in Northern European tales, folklore and mythologies Cliff has over many years expanded to include material from most continents and many time periods.

Cliff offers themed sessions tie-ing into historic school projects including: The Iron Age; The Vikings;  Victorian Poetry; Medieval Life.

Cliff particularly enjoys outdoor tellings and for his storywalks he creates a new mythology for a place based on site-specific features using traditional story elements and structure.

He is also a professional musician and has many years experience of film making (initially as a sound recordist)  so where additional elements are required for a project he is equipped to deliver.


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Jane Darke – Porthcothan Beach School

Jane Darke's GardenA creative team able to provide inset days, projects and Art Awards.  Using numerous art forms and cross-curricular links to produce exciting and enjoyable sessions which engage with all ages and abilities.

Porthcothan Beach School provides opportunities for up to 150 pupils per day to visit the beach and home of Jane Darke (painter/writer/film maker) and her husband Nick Darke (playwright, deceased) to participate in workshop sessions based around the themes within their film ‘The Wrecking Season’.  A DVD of the film and a booklet of cross curricular resources are also available including worksheets, investigations and creative ideas.

Web   Jane Darke

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Jeremiah Krage – TV Presenter

Jeremiah KrageJeremiah Krage trained as a presenter for TV – he is currently presenting material for BBC Earth News Youtube channel.  Jeremiah can offer workshops on presenting skills for a host of formats including: vlogs, tutorials, documentaries, interviews.  he is very interested in collaborating with a film maker/videographer to facilitate the creation of original material with students.

He has 12+ years experience working in the arts in an educational context and often devises workshops in response to specific projects/needs of schools, or in order to directly relate to curriculum material.

Jeremiah also has experience working with people with learning disabilities, both as a teacher and as a collaborator.



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James Parkes – Animator

James Parkes has worked with primary and secondary schools on animation projects since 2006.

Animation Projects generally take the form of a short film and can be tailored to your needs.  From scripting and storyboarding, through model making and animation, to sound and editing, a collaborative team effort is encouraged in the journey from pre-production to post-production.

Animation Workshops instruct students on the craft of animation and culminate in animation examples.  A variety of animation mediums may also be explored; puppet, plasticine, drawn, cut-out, pixilation, rotoscope and sand-on-glass.

James Parkes

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Richard Austin – Visual Artist

Richard Austin has been working in education since 1993, working with all age groups.  He enjoys encouraging students to explore their creativity and push at the boundaries of their imagination to create a personal or collaborative piece of sculpture.

Richard can work on a single day or an extended project possibly creating a sculpture for the school, using any material suitable for the project.

Richard is experienced in engaging those students who feel excluded because of a perceived lack of ability in art and enables them to feel very much part of the project.



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Pat Hickman – Made Arts

made plans, delivers and evaluates exciting artistic interventions in a range of settings.  made offers people of all ages and abilities opportunities to develop their artistic/expressive selves through workshops, projects and training.  made emplys professional artists in music, dance, drama and visual art.

Journey with made into a world of exciting creative arts interventions!

“Imagination is the true magic carpet” NV Peale


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Tumbling Hat Theatre

Tumbling Hat is an up and coming theatre company who specialise in contemporary devised performances. Tumbling Hat has been lucky enough to be awarded a pre-incubation business-assist grant from University College Falmouth and with it aim to tour ‘The 100m Sprint’ to festivals, local schools, and showcasing events and providing a workshop for school audiences. We intend to tour ‘The 100m Sprint’ to schools and venues and to create further performances, continuing with the creative ethos of devising through collaboration.

 Riding high off the London 2012 Olympics and the venture to make sports more important in schools, ‘The 100m Sprint’ is an aptly relevant piece of comic theatrical entertainment. It is a collaboratively devised autobiographical performance, taking inspiration from childhood sporting memories. The piece explores the triumphs and hardships of sporting endeavours and the feelings of elation, embarrassment, and disappointment that accompany them. Experimentation with genuine exertion and exhaustion plays a huge role in the production, exposing the performers’ ability to sustain their roles while combating physical deterioration. ‘The 100m Sprint’ is an engaging show that is suitable for audiences of all ages.”


Web   Tumbling Hat Theatre

Facebook   Tumbling Hat

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Carys Wilson – drawing, painting, printmaking

I have twelve years experience of working within Education as an Arts based practitioner. I have worked within a variety of educational establishments in the capacity of both a full time Teacher of Art, and as a practising Artist. I have undertaken a wide range of Artist in Residence positions from two year and one year fixed term posts within Primary and Secondary schools, to ten week projects within Primary Schools and shorter term residencies in libraries, arts centres, schools, youth centres and Arts festivals.  

Although my practice is based primarily within the genre of drawing, the direction of each project I lead always takes a different direction and the choice of media is limitless. I have worked with students as young as four years of age, up to GCSE, A level, Foundation degree students and adults. I have worked with a wide spectrum of abilities and social backgrounds from Gifted and Talented students, to children and adults with severe Special Educational Needs, Autistic students, Visually Impaired students, Hearing Impaired students, children ‘looked after’, single and mixed gender schools.


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Update on Enhanced Disclosure DBS check requirements for artists

Updated June 2017.

In September 2012 the government issued a new definition of what is deemed ‘regulated activity with children’. Most school or educational settings will require anyone who undertakes regulated activity with children to have an Enhanced Disclosure with barred list check (formerly CRB checks, now DBS checks).

The new definition of regulated activity relating to children relates both to what activity you are doing and also how often you are doing it:

(i) Unsupervised activities: teach, train, instruct, care for or supervise children, or provide advice/guidance on well-being, or drive a vehicle only for children;

(ii) Work for a limited range of establishments (‘specified places’), with opportunity for contact: for example, schools, children’s homes, childcare premises. Not work by supervised volunteers

Work defined above is only regulated activity if done regularly i.e. carried out by the same person frequently (once a week or more often), or on 4 or more days within a 30-day period, or overnight.

There are three types of check which are undertaken by the DBS:

Standard checks: These are suitable for eligible roles that do not involve regular contact with children or vulnerable groups such as finance or security.

Enhanced checks: These are suitable for eligible roles where the applicant will be working/volunteering with children, young people and/or vulnerable groups.

Enhanced with DBS Barred List checks: These are suitable for roles where the applicant will be working/volunteering in a regulated activity (see paragraph above) with children and / or vulnerable adults.

Practical application of the above: 

If your work with children is paidfrequent and supervised, then you are likely to need an Enhanced Disclosure, but without the barred list check.

If your work with children is frequent and unsupervised then you will need an Enhanced Disclosure with a barred list check.

Note that ‘supervision’ does not necessarily mean a member of school staff will be with you at all times. Supervision must be: regular, day to day, reasonable in all the circumstances for the purpose of protecting the children concerned and carried out by someone who is engaging in regulated activity relating to children.

It is important to note that because schools are listed as ‘specified places’ under regulated activity, they are allowed to request an Enhanced Disclosure without barred list check for anyone who is working in their establishment even if not undertaking regulated activity. It is our experience that most schools do request this.

Useful links and documents:

Keeping Children Safe in Education July 15 – paragraphs 50-55 Safer Recruitment, p30 flowchart on who requires a DBS check and the type, paragraphs 83-89 for volunteers, paragraphs 91-94 for contractors (e.g. artists)

A useful leaflet created for the Disclosure and Barring roadshow is available here DBS Roadshow 2012 leaflet

A DBS elegibility handiguide created by SAFE to help you decide if a role requires a DBS check.

If after reading the above information, you do require a DBS check, KEAP may be able process one for you if you are an artist living and working in Cornwall, the cost is £56. However, it is preferable that the school or organisation requesting that you obtain a DBS check process it for you.

If you require further information please contact Helen Reynolds on


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